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jason arellano, sergeant

usmc ‘00-’05/0311

On December 12th 2004, during Operation Phantom Fury, former U.S. Marine Sergeant Jason Arellano sustained multiple injuries from a grenade as well as a gunshot wound from an Ak47. Several surgeries and numerous prayers later, he has been blessed beyond belief by the support of family, friends, and even strangers. Miraculously he is doing very well and has been able to reach out to others and offer support, service, and a helping hand. Because of his military experience and seeing the dedication that goes into a life of service, he and his wife Lindsey began Resolution Gear as a means to give back to the military and law enforcement communities. One of the main goals with this business is to serve those who serve us, give back to wounded warriors, and families that have lost loved ones. It is their hope to work with other organizations to raise money and awareness for families of wounded servicemen and women as well as partner with people and organizations to connect families with proper resources for counseling. RG wants to help provide links to specific organizations that may help with grief recovery, addictions, marital counseling, PTSD, benefits, and fundraising opportunities.


Sergeant Arellano's story is one of many captured in the documentary film Perfect Valor. Perfect Valor paints a vivid picture of urban warfare. Using high-definition footage, viewers get a never-before seen look at the experiences of American troops fighting in Iraq. 

David C. Taylor and Richard S. Lowry worked for nearly two years to bring this tribute to American service men and women to the screen in Perfect Valor. Together, they worked very hard to make a film that shows the American people the courage, dedication and determination of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. 

Richard S. Lowry is the author of Marines in the Garden of Eden and The Gulf War Chronicles. The stories of true American heroes in Perfect Valor are pulled from the pages of Richard's latest book, New Dawn, which he meticulously researched for years. 

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Founded on September 11, 2008

RG is committed to providing quality products, building relationships with and serving those in service, giving back to our community, and honoring the memories of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.